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30.06.2017 // By editor

We are honored to bring you the January – June 2017 Edition of the African Governance Newsletter; Africa's Democratic Dividends and Deficits. As the ten year anniversary since the adoption of the African Charter on Democracy, Elections and Governance (ACDEG), 2017 is an opportune time to reflect on Africa’s democratic dividends and deficits, which is why we have chosen this as the focus of this issue of the African Governance Newsletter.

Considering the AU theme of 2017, Harnessing the Demographic Dividend through Investments in Youth, this edition has purposefully ensured that the majority of articles are written by young people. In fact, out of eleven articles, seven have been authored by young people – a first for the Newsletter. Furthermore, the one-on-one interview which has been a tradition of this Newsletter since its inception is also focused on youth. This is part of both DPA and AGA’s deliberate efforts to create space for young people to articulate their views and perspectives as well as showcase their contributions to a peaceful and democratically governed Africa. 

We hope that these pieces inspire further deliberation and thinking amongst citizens, practitioners and policy makers, point to potential areas of research and provide impetus for greater practice as well as highlight the utility of ACDEG to advancing democracy on our continent. We welcome your reflections and thoughts on this issue. Happy reading! 


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